Creative Director – London

Working in the design and branding field for over 20 years, Joe has contributed to some of the largest brands / organisations in the world, both on a creative level as well as an advisory level too. His vast experience ranges across brand strategy and creation through to implementation across all channels, and within all sectors, thats B2B, B2C, FMCG or not for profit organisations. Joseph has had the opportunity to work within almost all relevant areas, that includes, retail branding packaging and FMCG branding, general digital such as websites, PDA and iPhone interface design, app design, masthead and magazine design, direct mail, advertising (above and below), book jacket design, interiors and retail environments, S2M, wayfinding and signage, brand sonics and many other brand related areas too. When he has the time he is keen to support the design industry and is a judge on the International Student Design Awards for the CSD, has been invited to lecture at events and exhibitions such as Earls Court, has been on the expert panel on the topic of branding for the Guardian and is actively involved in many industry organisations. He is very happy to do talks and lectures on branding and brand communications and intends to continue supporting the design industry into the future.