Aldrees c-store design

Aldrees c-store branding
Aldrees is the largest forecourt operator in Saudi, currently owning over 500 outlets across the region. We were asked to re brand the offer, keeping their old logo, but changing every other aspect of the forecourt.

The overarching objective of the re design is to create a destination forecourt offer, bringing warmth and personality to their forecourt. The brand uses organic shapes, warm colours and a fresh approach to c-store design. We used natural finishes inside the store along with the bright and fresh palette, emotive brand messages and clear directional signage, all designed to keep the customer at the heart of the brand.

W have used a clean white base colour across the forecourt, accentuated with a bright and fresh colour palette, creating a clean and welcoming space.

We provided:

Brand research
Brand strategy
Tagline creation
Brand creation
Brand guidelines
Brand application
Environmental design
Detailed design drawings
Customer flow
Site flow design
Prototype management
Online brand design
Literature system
Uniform design