And the world changes…

Garden has been created in the vision of serving the new world – the new ways of working.

Todays world of technology, community and inclusiveness, has created a new breed of people, a new world where no longer do large corporations dominate and control the world, but where the power has been put into the hands of the many. It seems strange really that although we mostly live in a democratic world, that large, ‘old in years and mind’ companies still exist and are gripping on with tiered hands.

It has become obvious though in recent years that there is something new, and something better. New companies and organisations are developing all over the world, the online revolution HAS happened, and (mostly) the world IS now connected, sharing, growing. And whats amazing about this is that people are no longer happy about the world they’ve been living in, and can and are making change. Think about the Arab Spring – a fight back against dictatorship, the occupy movement fighting back against financial greed, the dramatic changes seen to journalism, the huge changes seen to the music industry, with some control being put back into the hands of artists. Companies, corporations and even countries are now becoming more accountable, more open, more honest – people expect it. And what’s amazing is that it is these new more dynamic and more accountable companies, like FaceBook, Twitter, Google etc that are (possibly unknowingly) supporting and enabling this change.

When you think about it it is only in the last 10 years that Apple, a technology company, has become the worlds most richest company, and Google and Facebook have from seemingly nowhere become massive successes. Essentially, and in the words of Judith Clegg – ‘disruptive businesses are taking over companies that have been around for as much as 100 years’, and they bring with them a new way of working, new ideals, new ambitions.

It is this change in attitudes that has inspired us at Garden, it is this energy based on openness that underpins what we do. In the past brands where often created in an attempt to convince customers to part with their ‘hard earned’ small amounts of money, it was more about market dominance and saturation, destroying competitors and raising costs to build the bottom line. Of course this does to some extent still matter and I’m not suggesting that we remove the desire to succeed, after-all communism didn’t seem to work. But what I am saying is that companies need to not change from the outside in order to convince consumers to line up at their doors, but change from their core out, to actually become what they are telling people.

Someone once said to me that marketing is the art of selling things to people, whether they want them or not – selling sea water to sailors for example, but branding isn’t that, branding is about selling sea water to desalination plants for countries that don’t have its own natural water supply, it’s about selling sand to glass manufacturers who don’t have access to sand in their own location.

Branding over the years has on occasions been frowned upon, I’m not saying it has a massive negative reputation, but that some people see it as an unnecessary evil – we don’t see it like that at all, certainly not in the way we operate. Brands and the skill of branding to us should be about finding what is good and at the heart of a company, bringing that out and showing the world in an engaging and appropriate way.

We intend to be part of the revolution that is leading this important and fast moving change, we want to make a positive contribution to society, we want to do things that matter and are important. Yes we are a branding company, and yes we work on many commercial projects, and that wont change, the difference to us is that we believe in the art of discovering what people ARE good at, what people DO want to do, and being honest, clear and showing the world in new and exciting ways.

The world is changing, we know why and how it’s happening and we are supporting those companies that want to be part of that change.