Channel 4 retail documentary

Garden has for many years now passionately pushed the need for organisations to demonstrate honesty, provenance and authenticity, so when Channel 4 came to us asking if we would be interested in taking part in their documentary called Super Shoppers we cautiously thought… why not, a little honesty in this industry shouldn’t hurt.

So if like us, you are interested in how brands perform, then why not spend 30 minutes on Monday 20th July at 8pm on Channel 4. It promises to be more entertaining than ‘too’ deep, and not seeing it yet, we can’t fully endorse everything that they say, but if nothing more, you get a little entertainment, and you never know, it could also be educational too. The director Andy Wells is well known for creating some high quality documentaries, so we are expecting some depth in there, and with Andi Osho and Anna Richardson presenting, expect some fun too. We are hoping for a balance of honest clarity and good old entertainment too.