Brochure design and brand aligment

Churches Conservation Trust had a vast range of brochures and literature, all with varying styles and systems, generated over many years of the business' life. The objective of the project was to understand each brochure and how its structure broke down, and to re engineer all brochures, putting the end user at the heart of the communication.

Photography with magic

We wanted to open peoples minds to the magic of churches, the amazing architecture, the beautiful light, the rich artistry and the pure magic of each design.


To go with a magical photography approach, we also created a tone of voice for the copy that matched the beauty of image, expressive in every syllable, opening peoples minds to these wonderful places.


Each brochure follows a system to how the content is created, with a natural flow, balanced content quota, through to the iconic red envelop at the back of the leaflet for donations.

More than just visual and tonal

The objectives of the exercise was not only to create a visual and tonal feast and a structural and functional system, but also to understand how leaflets are used within the church environment to best serve its customers.


As well as brochure and literature design, we designed an iconic sign placed outside all CCT churches.