Brand Strategy

Brand strategyWe create brand strategies from deep learning and future precting Brand strategyBrand strategy for one of our clients

Despite being a creatively led branding agency, brand strategy underpins everything that we do - we believe in logic, knowledge and clear direction before we start to build creative thinking.

Understanding our clients, their markets, their competitor’s approach and their product or service offer allows us to define a clear level of differentiation, define a logical growth path and protect them from future competitor erosion.

Our clients range from world class telecoms to local retail outlets or charities. Whoever, wherever, whatever we develop, we’ve built an impressive knowledge base when it comes to the areas of differentiation, methods of brand awareness and the correct channels for development.

We have created successful brand strategies for companies such as Etisalat, where we took them from a UAE monopoly with a tattered reputation, to a Middle East success story now operating in 19 countries across the Middle East. Or Mood Media, who came to us to help them strategically align their offer and help their customers understand their proposition through a strong and clear brand strategy.

How we have changed the direction for some influential brands across the globe can be viewed on our website, have a look trough some of these casestudies;

Ajman Bank is a UAE Emirate bank that needed to not only create a successful bank brand, but also use this branding project to demonstrate the values of the Emirate of Ajman. See how we used brand strategy to build this effective retail brand.

Etisalat the Middle Easter telecomm giant needed serious focus when the UAE went from a monopoly to duopoly. See how me managed to help them position their brand to not only help them retain strong customer base, but to help them retain a future proof powerful brand through smart strategic thinking.

MEED is an important publication for the Emap group. We re positioned them via intelligent brand strategy.

Mood Media needed to address a difficult strategic issue, they needed to get brand managers to understand their proposition and differentiation. Yes they are a media agency, but they offer something most media agencies dont offer - sensory sales techniques. Have a read about how me helped Mood Media get in fornt of brand managers through good strategic thinking and brand messaging.