The world wide web has been through many iterations, from the boom, to the crash, then to the more recent slower uptake evolution. The bottom line though is that it is not going away; there may well be many variations of it, but it will stay, evolve and grow.

These days though, people have come to trust it and now expect a certain standard. So, if you’re an e-commerce retail company, in the corporate service industry or even a charitable organisation, you need to be operating at a world-class level in order to gain customer trust.

First though these days you need a site that allows you to adjust and amend content regularly via a powerful content management system (CMS). You need to structure your site to make sure content has easy, smooth and expected access. You need content written in a way that best utilises the nature of online surfers. You need to make sure your SEO is of the level that attracts your customer base.

If your audience is worldwide then you need to be getting in front of them. If it’s local, you need to be getting in front of these too. You need to make sure your server is fast enough to cater for your customer base; you need to make sure the experience is in line with your brand core.

At Garden design agency we use our strategic core to as a starting block to any web project, your website is developed from strong foundations to achieve your goals. As a branding company we pride ourselves on great visuals built upon solid foundations.

This has lead to the success of many web projects including Mayridge, The Church's Conservation Trust and E+K Charms to name a few.