Rebranding the telecoms giant Etisalat

We re branded Etisalat from the ground up, taking a monopolistic organisation, and bringing them to the 3rd largest telecom in the Middle East, stretching across over 23 countries. The vast size of the project, the multi applications and the dual language of the brand are challenges we enjoyed.

Knowing that the challenger had a fresh and simple opportunity to enter the market, our strategy positioned the brand in a more mature and elegant way, especially that our core benefit to the customer is trust, as we had been the single provider to the UAE since the beginning of telecommunications in the region.


The logo is a reflection of the caring approach Etisalat brings to its people, and the reach that its communication services bring to its customers.

The colour palette inspired by the colours of the Koran and the colour of Islam, where freshened up from the original brand, and morphing logo shape represent the proposition of reach.