Measurement systems

Know your brand and how it is performing.

Knowing how a brand is performing is becoming more and more important, especially with such a vast network for your company to spread, knowing how people really think about you will help you understand what you are doing right, or more importantly, what you are doing wrong.

We use different techniques for understanding how a brand is performing, from traditional customer facing feedback channels, through to online data analytics. The former is always important, not only does it allow you to learn, but it is also a way of proving that you have the right things in place to support your customers concerns, if you prove that you are listening to them, they are far more inclined to trust you. We also use online data analytics tools that allow us to monitor hot and cold states of opinion, so from knowing where people are talking about you, to what they are saying, and even allowing you to step in and speak directly to your customers. To put this into context, imagine that you launch a new range of sports trainers, you can see from a control panel what is being said, and if there are issues, you can address these issues before things become magnified.

Of course this isn’t for all companies, but for many it is a great way of knowing how people think about your brand, but either way, thinking about these things from the beginning will help you future proof your brand.