Migration Museum – call me by my name, a London based museum

Call me by my name: stories from Calais and beyond is a multimedia exhibition, taking place in a momentous month that saw both the EU referendum and Refugee Week. It explores the complex and human stories behind the current migration crisis, with a particular focus on the Calais camp. Garden are brand guardians for the Migration Museum, and take pride in being part of this great charity.

The brand experience of the space was created from a merging of the struggles of the people from war torn countries, and the brand identity is based around the movement of people, reflected in the logo. We pride ourselves as being one of London’s top 100 branding agencies with a strong ethical compass and this project was compelling from the beginning and one that is close to our hearts.

The launch was based in London’s Shoreditch area, and currently the museum is located at The Workshop, 26 Lambeth High Street, London SE1 7AG – go check it out.

Garden – a unique branding agency, based in London and Dubai.

Garden are very happy to have been involved in the branding, environmental and promotional graphics and event literature – the Migration Museum Project is an organisation we support, and this is a subject that deserves wider awareness.
The event was a great success, and we hope the branding work that we provided goes some way to help them into the future.