EDC announcement!

Posted by Joe Hedges on November 6th, 2014 : 

The London office of branding agency Garden is excited to announce the launch of the new brand Summerhill+co – a London based company offering a carefully curated collection of luxury furniture brands.

John Summerhill of the European Design Centre decided that after 35 years in the luxury furniture business building a brand by product addition, that it made sense to build a brand with a full product portfolio. In order to do this he turned to London based branding company Garden.

After studying the market and working out the barriers for a new brand in this space, we built a clear strategy that tackled the hurdles such as defining & identifying the right name, proposition and positioning and then creating a conceptual brand that targets the quality end of the market, aimed at designers, architects and design specifiers of the very best quality furniture available on the market. As a company that sells multiple brands and product types, we needed to create a brand that could deal with this as an issue.

laptopOur visual approach to the brand was to create something that has an organic feel, that always adapts to suit the situation it is in, and builds a perfect visual system that always feels part of the Summerhill+co brand, while working nicely with every scenario, complementing some very well respected brands but allowing them to retain their own personality and identity.

So from clear brand strategy, new name, adaptive brand system through to tone of voice and attitude, and on to SEO strategy, application across literature, packaging, environment, website and digital, Garden has taken a well established but functional player and re-aligned them to reflect a more personality-driven, bespoke and trend-consultative offering.


Summehill-lamp-on-furniture summerhill-poster-design

Step into the Garden – London branding agency

Posted by Joe Hedges on February 7th, 2014 : 

This is a brief view into the London Garden branding studio, and the environment that the design team live, work and play. We have created our space to be welcoming, fun and arranged for creativity. From toy robots, vintage packaging and acoustic and electric guitars, to play-doh and even astro turf, which somehow makes the work environment feel homely. We feel we are a branding agency that has created a great place to be.

(By the way, big thanks to Unto This Last who create lovely yet simple furniture and who have been very helpful.)

03-branding-agency-studio-refresh04-branding-agency-studio-refresh05-branding-agency-studio-refresh06-branding-agency-studio-refresh08-branding-agency-studio-refresh09-branding-agency-studio-refresh10-branding-agency-studio-refresh 11-branding-agency-studio-refresh 12-branding-agency-studio-refresh

Grassy Christmas

Posted by Joe Hedges on December 17th, 2013 : 

From time to time we cannot escape the greenness of our ways,
…and Christmas is no different.

We got a bit over-exited – the Christmas carols sounding throughout the studio, cookies on the table – all hoping for little frozen crystals to start dropping from the sky. So what the heck, we thought we would let one of our designers create a Garden themed seasonal decoration to go with our bells and holly.

Ta da!

xmas13-garden2 xmas13-garden3 xmas13-garden4 xmas13-garden5

See the ani-ornament here >>>

Garden goes to Amsterdam

Posted by Roland Williams on February 20th, 2013 : 

We arrived, from London City Airport via Schiphol and a groovy double decker train, in what seemed like minutes.

Quickly set up temporary studio in a very nice apartment overlooking the Prinsengracht Canal, courtesy of Airbnb.

Then off to the ISE exhibition at RAI Amsterdam…

… where our client MOOD were present on a very exciting bespoke exhibition stand – the design for which was grown in the Garden Studio.  It was very well received by Mood and their visitors alike and we were very pleased with the result…  take a look here…

It was quickly concluded that Amsterdam would be a very agreeable place for a permanent studio and that a boat on the canal would be perfect location. Preferably within a short distance of our favourite bar, ‘t Smalle on the Egelantiersgracht.