Airship, Spirit of the Emirates, something new for the sky of Dubai. November 20th, 2015

Some great news, this week his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, visited the Dubai Air Show and visited the Spirit of the Emirates stand, expressing his enthusiasm for this great venture – an airship to grace the sky of Dubai. Now the real work starts! pulling this amazing project together to launch a new moving landmark, only this time Dubai will be creating the benchmark in the clouds. Garden helped the brainchild, Khalid Alnsouri with this project by providing branding and ideas from day one. In fact the first time we met Khalid, we could hardly conceal our excitement at the prospect of getting involved. With the Dubai landscape already populated with some of our brands, why not look higher.


ICAEW’s Intellectual Propery: Risk, Ownership & Value October 13th, 2015

We are happy to announce that we will be speaking at the ICAEW’s Intellectual Property half day conference on the 20th of October. Check it out here

The conference focuses on how to make the most out of your IP, featuring experts like our very own Joe and Raouf! We’ll be looking at addressing the challenges of protecting your IP from technical, legal and branding perspectives.

Best of all, the half day conference is free! If you have the time, you should pop by and maybe learn a thing or two!

Stassen Tea Revealed ! July 29th, 2015


The London based branding agency Garden is excited to reveal the new packaging design for the Stassen Tea range which will be seen globally including areas such as the Middle East, Europe, Russia and Asia! The hard work put into this design has resulted in a a bright and contemporary range of tea packaging as part of an exciting and interesting project for the Stassen company that is making massive progress across the globe. The picture shows the new brand concept when compared to that previous to us starting on the project and shows the drastic changes that have been made to make the brand what it is now.

Channel 4 branding and retail documentary July 15th, 2015

channel 4 retail brands tv show

Garden has for many years now passionately pushed the need for organisations to demonstrate honesty, provenance and authenticity, so when Channel 4 came to us asking if we would be interested in taking part in their documentary called Super Shoppers we cautiously thought… why not, a little honesty in this industry shouldn’t hurt.

So if like us, you are interested in how brands perform, then why not spend 30 minutes on Monday 20th July at 8pm on Channel 4. It promises to be more entertaining than ‘too’ deep, and not seeing it yet, we can’t fully endorse everything that they say, but if nothing more, you get a little entertainment, and you never know, it could also be educational too. The director Andy Wells is well known for creating some high quality documentaries, so we are expecting some depth in there, and with Andi Osho and Anna Richardson presenting, expect some fun too. We are hoping for a balance of honest clarity and good old entertainment too.