Premium branding for caviar

The Royal Caviar Company is the corporate arm of an Osetra caviar company that produces the delicacy for the European and Middle Eastern markets.
Garden came aboard to produce the brand strategy, naming and brand creation, to be been rolled out across touch points such as signage, brochures, stationery and bags.

True brand experience

Every detail should be special, the user is drawn through a series of moments; the way it looks in the light, the way it feels in your hand, they way it opens, the pop of the lid, the fresh sea aroma, the bone spoon - branding at a premium level is about everything, from the big expression, through to the minutiae of detail. Get these things right and the brand will come alive, the brand will be expressed at every level, it will be what it should be - a premium brand.

Brand elegance

A cool and elegant brand, bridging sophistication and contemporary design.

User experience all the way through

The brand isn't only the look and feel, it is through every experience, so from when someone enters the website, they are asked how they wish to be served.

Brand through tone

The emotion of the experience and the consumer benefit should always be expressed clearly.

A version in stone.