A new brand for the world of caviar – The Royal Caviar Company

The Royal Caviar Company is the corporate arm of an Osetra caviar company that produces caviar for the European and Middle Eastern markets.
Garden produced the brand strategy, naming, brand creation and implementation, which has been rolled out across signage, brochures, stationery, bags and more.

This was a brand strategy, naming and brand creation project for an Abu Dhabi caviar project. We did the corporate brand, and created concepts for the retail offer.

Route No.1

Aim: to create a retail brand that embraced the ‘moments’ that caviar is mostly consumed.

This route uses a poet proposition, using expressive copy as the hero for the product.

The packaging shown shows a multi pack tube, using small pots within a tube.

Route No.2

Aim: To create a luxury pack

This concept uses glass tubes where the caviar can be seen.