About us – way we think

It’s interesting to us to see how companies operate. All too often companies have grown reflecting their organisational structure or business process rather than what lies at the heart of the company.

As an approach to business this was once the only important thing to do, you had a product, you sold to an audience and you simply structured your company around the best way to do this to raise the maximum possible level of profitability. Those days have gone, and as every day passes the momentum gathers, the need for ever further clarity, honesty and a reason for choice is paramount.

Therefore to us, and we saw this a few years ago now and even went on record about it, it is a complete necessity to know what you are, believe in what you are, clarify the message of what you are, and build your company from the inside out. By all means build a brand that is visually amazing, in fact that too is imperative, but it is extremely important to be totally aligned with what you say you are – honesty. We live in a world where communication is so fast, and so disparate, it is almost impossible to control a single message through any constructed team such as marketing and PR, there is a need to operate from the ground up exactly how you say you will. The sooner that organisations embrace this attitude to their brands the better they will be equipped for the future.

So, as a branding agency, we believe in finding that one simple thing that defines who you are, what your brand is about, that honest thing that is, well, you.