Afriquia re brand

Afriquia is Africa’s largest forecourt offer, with over 500 stations located across north Africa.

Afriquia forecourts have used the wave in its canopy since the 80’s, and has become an iconic element to their brand – one of our challenges. Knowing that we needed to keep the wave, we simplified the shape and made the finished result modular.

The brief was to re vamp their forecourts, taking what had been before, the wave canopy, the bright colour palette, their blue, and to make a warm, friendly and national forecourt.

Designed by Garden – branding agency.

Sleek clean lines, accentuated with a bright warm colour palette, creates an inspirational destination forecourt design.

The brand stretches across the forecourt wayfinding, pump islands, lighting systems, uniforms, etc picking up on the curve and colour palette


An elegant wave canopy, that was designed with modularity in mind to help with an ambitious roll-out plan, a logo that evolved from the shape of the African continent and reflected the fluid movement from the canopy edge. The intention is to create an environment that feels exciting, bright and friendly – a destination for the family.We provided:

Brand research
Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Tagline creation
Brand creation
Brand guidelines
Brand promotion strategy
Customer flow strategy
Brand application
Online brand design
Literature system
Uniform design
Environmental design
Detailed drawings