Al Majaz Island – signage and wayfinding

Al Majaz is a man made island in Sharjah, the UAE Emirate. Built in 2015, it is one of very few amphitheatres built with the sole purpose of out door theatre and entertainment, allowing some of the worlds most famous entertainers to entertain the arts appreciators of the UAE.

Not only did we do the branding, visual identity and logo design for this prestigious location, but we also did the signage and wayfinding for the venue, all aligned to the strategy.

Effective and elegant wayfinding solution by one of the worlds more interesting branding agencies – Garden, a branding agency based in London and Dubai, we feel we are unique in that we not only design creative brand solutions, but we are a creative agency creating unique brand identities – we are Garden, one of London’s more interesting branding agencies.

We provided wayfinding concept, scheme, signage system, information design, planning, drawings and consultancy.

The overall effect of the scheme created a warm and sophisticated experience, as well as a clear and logical system for the user.

Taking cues from the brand, using the stone from the building, and a weathered ionised finish to the metal brings the site to life