Aquila is a new brand launched into the UAE. A start up company specialising
in project management for the building industry.

The name Aquila being latin for Eagle, an ability to oversee everything below with clear vision.

Based on research, we defined a brand strategy and creative exploration
that explores the connection with nature and architecture.

Images of organic forms from nature are overlaid with strong graphical shapes reflecting modern
strength in thinking and process, in combination of natures instinctive wisdom.

The bright colour is representative of the vibrant personality of the company, once again projecting
a new a progressive project management company.

The graphic lines are used throughout comms, often different, yet always expressly Aquila in style.

Website design and build

We designed the current website based around the brand, abstract images that come together to explain the connection of form and function.
The site is a parallax design, using layers of the images and the pink panels.

See Aquila website