Churches Conservation Trust – a re brand with some depth

Churches Conservation Trust branded literature alignment
The Churches Conservation Trust is responsible for protecting historic churches across Great Britain, a charity organisation that spends a lot of time and effort making sure these beautiful buildings don’t get ignored and left falling to ruin.

We worked with CCT to build some magic into their brand, by focusing photography into inspirational and enticing images of colour, shadow and light, building intrigue, anticipation and wonder, the end result is a set of publications and comms that build the wonder back into these amazing places.

We are a leading London based branding agency with strong experience with leading global brands spanning over 15 years, a branding agency of note, we pride ourselves in being one of London’s respected branding agencies who always deliver effective brand solutions.

As part of this project, we created a usable system to work across all their brand touch-points, such as leaflets, websites, posters and wayfinding, allowing to help user understanding through consistent information systems.

We provided:

Brand alignment
Brand system
Identity system
Full leaflet suite design
Art direction & photography management
Campaign approach