brand narratives

The art of storytelling through brand.

There is no doubt that people bring things back to their own experiences, and as such we like to understand how things breakdown, where they came from, where they are going, what they want, what they can give, etc. Brands do this, for example, Virgin is a personified brand all ready, which has its won story, but additionally it brings with it a whole raft of stories, from rockets (yes some have sadder experiences than others) through to airships, planes, competition with BA etc etc. This applies to many other companies, take the Sainsbury’s Tu brand that we re branded in 2015, it was suffering because no one knew what it said for one, but more importantly what it stood for. Through good research, we managed to get some clear understanding on what was wrong and how to build a better narrative for the offer. The end result is a company that is aligned to a clear brand endorsement strategy, provides better explanation on what it’s benefit is to its customers, and as a result it has been out performing all its competitors.

So whether it’s a back story, a new story and just being clear, telling honest, relevant but engaging narratives will bring a brand to life.