Branding of a Wild Culture

Wild Culture
Wild Culture is an intriguing brand that creates a platform to give a voice to people who have interesting ideas, art, music, food, dance, theatre etc.

The organisation is based around doing things for the right reasons, a strong ethical stance that allows larger but more ethically minded organisations to join the ranks of the unfound artisan.

Creating the the look and feel of the brand brought about some unique challenges. Whilst it was important to develop an iconic brand identity, it was equally important to reflect the somewhat disparate nature of the whole brand proposition. In essence this brand represents everything that falls in between the mainstream but includes the mainstream and everything that falls off the beaten track.

Garden were responsible for every aspect of the company’s identity: from logo creation to the conception and design of the website, designs for the forthcoming iPad app, art directing photo shoots, and idea generation and design for Wild Culture branded products in their forthcoming online retail shop.

“Wild Culture is a unique concept, and one you either ‘get’ or don’t. Garden got it instantly, and their expertise and intuition have been instrumental in shaping the evolution of the brand for a new generation.”

Tom Jeffreys