Brand Engagement

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At the centre of every organisation is its staff. They are the backbones, an embodiment of a brand. If your staff are off-brand, then your company will be too.

Garden branding is an agency that looks at ways of increasing the understanding of organisational values, creating core strategic teams and infusing staff with dedication and passion for the brand they are apart of.

Our London brand agency has learnt the power of reputation: keeping staff motivated, happy and informed helps build a stronger brand. Quality starts on the inside, and a company that believes in itself is easy to spot.

Brand engagement is an effective way to ensure staff are on the same positive branding page as the company.

As well as creating bespoke brand engagement programs, Garden branding agency has developed brand health checker tools that allow us to dynamically gauge a brand’s performance. From this we can develop and adapt a brand’s touch-points to make sure it works perfectly.

To see how brand engagement programs can effect an organisation, take a look at our featured case studies: Etisalat and Ernst & Young.