Garden are a specialist packaging and branding agency, and have produced many unique packaging projects for some leading companies and organisations. From retail packaging for the FMCG sectors, to packaging for the pharmaceutical prescriptions market: each with their own unique considerations.

The retail market is a particular challenge to many, with ever increasing competition, each brand vying for attention – it can be difficult to understand how to get noticed. That is why the Garden brand company have developed tools for assessing – and influencing - the best path to purchase.

Another important aspect to success is establishing the correct research structure, testing along the creative journey and understanding your relationships with resellers.

Pack design is also a serious consideration, pioneering a new pack can lead to a whole new audience, if done correctly it can save on costs for storage, transportation, as well as increase massive amounts of consumer draw. Remember Grolsch when they introduced their swing bottle top, or the massive impact that had on sales, or the lemon Jif packaging with its iconic look.

We have been producing interesting packaging projects for a long time, from innovative pack design, through to pioneering retail brands. Some of our recent projects can be seen now, have a look at some of our recent packaging projects;

Branding and packaging for Belhana

Branding and packaging design for 36.6

Branding and packaging design for Mood Media

Brand and pack design and innovation for The Royal Caviar Company

Soup Spa branding and packaging project

Naming, branding and pack design for The Everyday Company

Branding and packaging design for Veropharm