A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

An important aspect to any brand is its name. Naming can create excitement, logic, energy, interest and more to a brand. Therefore it is imperative that naming is given relevant consideration. However, naming is not easy, and is famously difficult to work through effectively. The issues often come down to confusion around appropriateness, differentiation and acceptance and, indeed, a lack of bravery! – what may sound wrong at first, can become widely accepted. Examples of this can be examined when we retrospectively look back at brands like Orange, 02, Three, Apple: all were originally received with criticism, but went on to gain ground in part to a memorable name, and thus becoming iconic within their sector. We have been offering this service for a long time, with great success; we have a naming processes in place for name generation, testing and registration, and have created and/or tested many names, names like Sainsbury’s Tu, Mobily, AutoPro, Le Shuttle, Hug, MEED, Migration Museum, Summerhill + Co, Nine Rivers and many more.