Our way – theory

We have been exploring brands and consumer relationships with brands for over 20 years, and as such, have developed a deep understanding of how this relationship works, the following diagrams are simple ways of explaining the basic theory we have developed.
understanding the customer need principle|virtuous brands|the four consumer mindsets|the journey inside out
Organisations and consumer brands start their lives in different ways, some have been around for many years and entered the market with low competition, some are new in uncompetitive geographic locations etc, all share certain needs – define these needs, the space in the market and the opportunity, from there you can understand and map the consumer mindset.
Using the term brand doesn’t always seem enough, there are many kinds of brands, and each works in a different way than the next. Take a retail brand or a private label brand, the customer relationship is very different than that of a telecom brand, or a forecourt brand or a law firm brand etc. That said, most brands do have a relationship with the customer, and that relationship changes over time, which is why it is always worth looking at eery stage of the brand’s life to understand how we can most effectively connect and/or reconnect with the customer.
We believe that although people are never black and white and are many shades of grey, we can essentially group them into 4 core mindsets of Brand Loyalist, Information Gatherer, The Saver and The Impulse Purchaser. Of course all these mindsets are interrelated, for example, someone may well be purchasing toilet roll and not care about the quality as they don’t see the benefit on something that is of such low level in their daily lives, however, they may well care about how they look, and so may well purchase a named brand on expression of their personal standing, or, they may care about the health of their children, and so purchase a bread that has less health risk, or, they may not have time one day to make a decision n any of these factors, and purchase on a ‘known’ brand. However, understanding the customer need/the organisation or product/ the market opportunity, allows you to understand your ‘core’ demographic and mindset, which tells you how to approach your customer.
Harmonious and integrated brand channels create a robust and considered brand experience, and therefore develops advocacy in consumer minds.

We strongly believe that successful companies live their brand from the inside out, creating empathy and enthusiasm at every level.