Sainsbury's Tu

Sainsbury's came to us to help them bring some focus back to their fashion brand Tu. For some time the brand had become lost, with many technical as well as emotional issues around how it was connecting to its customers.

After going through the research we quickly realised that there were some fundamental concerns that could be converted to quick wins. Firstly, we discovered that the name did have a high amount of recognition, but there was also a lot of confusion around it. This in itself made the brand less memorable and confused the benefit.

We also found that there was a massive lack of brand empathy due to several issues – one was that while choosing your Tu fashion you would also be looking at Tu toilet brushes, which automatically degraded Tu's fashion credentials. Also, the Tu visual brand didn't really own anything – it was a mix of visual styles and photography treatments.

Our solution was on several levels. First we tackled the mark itself – by making the 'u' lowercase we instantly made it obvious how the name was pronounced. We also made the mark much bolder to give it some authority, confidence and stand-out. Then we developed the proposition of 'live your style'. The idea around this was to create a sense of individuality with customers, as well as a sense of ownership. An added advantage was that this further clarified the meaning behind the name Tu - French for You.

We then added a slight flourish on the ‘u’, a visual expression of individuality to reflect what the proposition is all about – 'you' and 'your style'.

Finally, we defined an image style based around urban street photography. This creates a sense of honesty and allows the brand to embrace the ‘all everyday people' feel.

Design of labeling and labeling standards

As part of our scope, we designed the brands labeling, as well as guidelines.

A year on year increase of 5 to 7%, and the biggest success for the Sainsbury’s portfolio.