Brand engagement

Brand engagement is the seed of all brands, it’s where brands start their life, and as such need care and attention.

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The importance of an engaging brand

Good brands are virtuous, they start at recruitment, work through to internal engagement and behaviour alignment, team morale and training sessions, knowledge sharing and team bonding, the end in the customers hearts and minds. When customers are endorsing a brand they not only build awareness and reputation, they also attract then best in people, which then builds right back to the recruitment process. If you think about this principle for a moment – getting recruitment right builds the right team which makes the machine run smoothly – investing in training and improving your team makes the machine run even smoother – once the brand reputation is vibrant and positive with consumers you have a free marketing generator of the highest level (for free!) – and once you have this last stage, you get even better people hoping to work for the business. The true value of engaging brands is exponential and is built on solid brand strategy.

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At the centre of every organisation is its staff. They are the backbone, an embodiment of a brand. If your staff are off-brand, then your company will be too. Garden is a branding agency that looks at ways of increasing the understanding of organisational values, creating core strategic teams and infusing staff with dedication and passion for the company they are apart of.

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