Retail strategy & branded environments

The face of high street retail has changed, in place of concession retailing and traditional retail models are now experience retailing.

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High rental and e retailing has effected the retail model so dramatically that the high street has had to adapt. Consumers however still have similar requirements, they still want the same amount of fashion, in fact research suggests more, they still want the same amount of food, exercise, entertainment etc, and with a growing population, it is obvious that there is actually more opportunity. However, as the need has shifted, the environment now has a different role. This shift in use use means a greater use of more interesting and fresher retailer offers, it means hard sell is gone, replaced by experience and subtle brand connections, it also means that where big brands used to use high street retail to sell, they now use it to engage.

As specialists in interior design, retail and experience design, we have created some award-winning interior design solutions for world class companies. From B2C to B2B, – interiors influence sales as well as increase productivity, and can dramatically raise profitability. We have created world leading interiors for banks, telecommunications companies, offices, forecourts, supermarkets, cafés and many more varied and interesting clients.

Our brand experts will create a retail strategy and plan branded environments that resonate with your customers.