The Garden Network

Our company's core expertise lies in branding—this is our origin and our strength. Recognising the necessity for additional, complementary capabilities, we have strategically expanded our services to enhance our brand-focused offerings. Unlike traditional research agencies, we have tailored our research and knowledge resources to integrate seamlessly with our branding efforts. Our approach to social listening and content creation is similarly informed by our deep understanding of branding principles. This synergy ensures that every aspect of our service is cohesive and informed by a thorough brand perspective.

For instance, consider the following scenario: Our proprietary K-lab analysis identifies a gap in the competitive landscape and assesses market risks. Leveraging these insights, our brand strategy pinpoints and addresses this market gap, creating a brand that resonates with the intended demographic, ensures distinction, and promotes brand recall. Our social listening initiatives inform a robust social strategy, while our content creation benefits from a solid foundation of brand strategy expertise, leading to highly effective social engagement. This integrative approach exemplifies how our expanded capabilities enhance our specialized brand consultancy services.

Branding by Garden

Strategic and creative branding consultancy

Specialising in brand strategy, creative brand design, branded application & implementation.


Research and data analyst specialists

Research company that works for start ups, corporates and retail brands, using proprietary methodology synergised for brand excellence.

Social by Garden

Social Listening and content creation

Social listening and content creation designed to understand market expectation and align to core brand strategy.