Designing + inspiring the next generation of consumer centric brands

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We interpret trends in human behaviour through a set of tailored tools to help product or service effectiveness. Product / service offer customer need opportunity purchase drivers & consumer habits current and future audience customer personality profiling audience segmentation price positioning marketing / promotion & channel delivery post launch analysis brand perception mapping media analysis roi / conversion analysis.

We seek the unique, learn the unlearnable, simplify the complicated, build the loveable, invent the unknown and imagine the impossible.
Garden Studio

Some people live in houses, we live in the Garden

We are an anti ego agency, where no one is allowed into the studio unless their ego is left strapped down and screaming at home. We insist on total collaboration throughout all projects, and anyone with an idea is as important as anyone else. We are self-effacing, but are strong and brave enough to push through an idea if it has the foundations it needs. We have a total equal opportunities policy. All we ask is to be highly creative, highly imaginative, highly playful, always fun, honest, gifted, open and respectful to everyone.

We have dreams of important and exciting projects, but we have no ambition to be the biggest – just the greatest. Everyone must love design, they must spend their spare time admiring great design, even more so if by other agencies, it’s all about respect. Our team is made up of

Brand strategists / Creative directors / Art directors
Creative designers / Packaging designers / Copywriters
Content creators / Technology strategists / Brand planners
Implementation consultants / Marketing experts
UX/UI designers / Developers

Joe Hedges
CEO & Creative Director

30+ years in the industry, multi award winner, from brand strategy, brand creation, packaging, lead creative on brands such as Etisalat, Mobily, Sainsbury’s Tu, Eurotunnel, Janes, Afriquia, Ajman Bank and worked as lead creative for Coca Cola, Britvic, BT, Shell and many others.

Sam Fraser Steele
Strategy Director

Abstract thought is the foundation for originality.

Branded from the inside, expressed on the outside

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World of disruptors

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Signage and wayfinding

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Environment design

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Retail experience

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Cross category

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Multi cultural

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Creative Process

Creative Process
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