Once a brand has been defined, guidelines created and channels mapped out, we typically implement a brand activation programme, this typically tracks the following key areas;


Building brand awareness: Introducing or re-emphasizing the brand to potential and existing customers.

Customer engagement

Creating a closer bond between the brand and its audience through interactive and experiential marketing.

Product promotion

Highlighting specific products or services and encouraging trial or purchase.

Loyalty and retention

Deepening relationships with existing customers to enhance loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Brand activations can take many forms, such as: -

Events and experiences

Launch events, pop-up shops, or immersive experiences that engage consumers directly.

Digital campaigns

Social media challenges, interactive ads, or virtual reality experiences.

Partnerships and sponsorships

Collaborations with other brands or personalities and influencers that align with the brand’s values and market, building in relevant co brand relationships with and celebrity endorsement programmes.

Sampling campaigns

Giving away free samples of a product to stimulate trial and gather feedback.

Loyalty programs

Defining loyalty programs to build in customer benefit funnels.

Each of these activities is designed to make a lasting impression on consumers, thereby enhancing their connection to the brand and increasing the likelihood of conversion.