Brands these days need to innovate, they need to constantly change and evolve through brand focused innovation, what this means is that for a company to survive it can’t sit back in the hope that its product or service is good enough to stand the test of time, as before long someone will inevitably arrive, maybe many, and start to compete on price, and once this happens both companies start to erode. By putting in place at an early stage a mindset of innovation, you allow people and organisations to see the risk of competition and any potential changes or evolution that the business can make to stay ahead. For example, Apple was once a desktop computer company, but by infusing a mindset of innovation has meant that they have so fay, stayed one step ahead of the competition, inventing mobile phones, music sales, radio, app stores and much more.

This all sounds obvious, but in practice almost all companies go to the market with a single idea and stay there until they start to see their market erode, imagine how more effective a company could be if it has in place a strategy to build future informed innovative thinking, not just predicting the future - but inventing it.