Motels Branding

Adding character into roadside dining and motels

Mollies motel and diner was part of the famous Soho House brands. The obvious difference being that its target market is very different - mass market and covering all kinds of people, a luxury offer for the rich, the young and the happy, and even fiddo.

Elegant, sophisticated, characterful

Elegant, sophisticated, characterful - you don't find this level of everything for anything under £300 per night in the UK, where as Mollie's rooms start at £70, and their dining experience is legendary.

Motel and diner, for the wise and the minor

Through a six month collaborative program, we helped take the Soho House team through interviews, workshops and a creative journey to discover the face of this wonderful personality. Building a brand strategy, defining the visual expression of the brand, including the logo, core brand assets, signage and wayfinding, uniforms, packaging, digital, menus and pretty much every detail.