Ceylon Tea

Branding & Packaging

Ceylon tea branding & packaging

Stassen is a Sri Lankan tea giant, providing 48 SKUs across 80 countries and 5 continents. Founded in 1977 they are one of few tea companies allowed to express the Cylon lion on their packs, legitimately providing full leaf pure Cylon tea of the highest quality

Earl grey tea

Stassen came to us with an understanding that they needed help, they came with an open mind and willingness to embrace a new and exciting brand for their tomorrow.

From brand strategy through to brand creation, packaging design across 48 SKUs, copy writing and final artwork. A 12 week process that realised an exciting and vibrant rebrand.

Above is the design for the Earl Grey tea pack.

Green tea

We designed the pack outer, inner, tea bag envelope and tab. Using foils and die stamps to build a luxury teas design.

Above is the design for the Green tea pack.