E-liquid Packaging

Taste imagination - E-Liquid Packaging

An e liquid brand based on the connection of mind and taste.

A luxury e-liquid brand that focuses on the experience.

Garden created the Vaperama brand and website, a new vape wholesaler and e-liquid provider, creating the strategy, brand, packaging, website, campaigns, promotions and more. We are responsible for all of their comms, advising and building strategies for their marketing and communications for both on and off line, as well as their affiliate campaigns and SEO.

Luxury packaging design.

The packaging design consists of simple black and white and foil, with some light embossing, the overall effect is of a luxury, elegant and sophisticated brand.

Art & beauty.

The foundation for the brand is one of artistry and beauty.

Understanding this new and fast developing sector has been challenging but fun. The positioning for the brand bridges multiple demographics and getting a brand that feels professional whilst engaging and different has been core to our approach.

The sector itself is still fairly misunderstood and so it was important to create a website that clearly informed the audience about the benefits of vaping over smoking tobacco. And by clearly and consistently speaking to the audience we also ensured that the brand became trusted.

We provided:

Brand creation
Packaging design
Website design Website development