Brand activation

Brand activation and the art of engaging customers, working at the coalface of a brand – activation is where the magic happens.

At Garden we put a lot of thought behind every brand that we create, understanding the product, aligning the identity to the consumer, weaving our way through the competitor landscape etc. But if a brand isn’t activated in the right way, all that hard work falls short and loses any benefit of all that hard work put in the early stages.

Of course, brand activation isn’t as simple as it sounds, and the art of influencing audiences needs as much consideration as all the background work that defines the approach. What’s more, in a world of high advertising noise, more effort is required to effectively activate a brand. The heart of this needs several things, firstly, you need a big idea at the centre of a marketing campaign, something that is closely aligned to the heart of a business, but can be used in a way that opens peoples imaginations. Based around the big idea should be a lot of imagination, knowledge of technology, implementation processes, interesting channels etc, and knowing how all these things can be aligned to create a compelling and exciting activation.

Our London office has a dedicated team that understands how, where and when to activate a brand, and have proven track records that can demonstrate the best ways of going about brand activation.

So, know what the brand stands for and align a big idea to it, understand the best channels; social media, street, malls, TV, radio, urban social interfaces etc and use imagination to create amazing and engaging customer experiences – the art of brand activation.