brand architecture

Brand architecture and understanding brand relationships.


There tends to be a lack of awareness when it comes to brand architecture, both from client side and agency side alike, the risks of which can be all too often disruptive at best. There are many approaches, all dependant on the business and the audience. Often when companies merge or acquire other businesses, little if any thought is applied in how they work with other areas of an organisations portfolio, we often see companies that may on the one hand have a passive or inclusive customer brand portfolio, with a more questionable sub category to the company, how about telecoms and weapons systems? or high fashion and toilet brushes? or fine dining and petroleum? of course none of these work, and just being associated to these other business areas can damage the whole group. Therefore understanding and grouping demographics, customer expectations etc allows for better strategic approaches to brand architecture.

As I mention, there are many approaches, but to offer a basic level understanding on how these are often applied, we use typical associated, semi associated and endorser models, breaking away from risks and allowing companies to either target their audience effectively, or move away from any relationship.

There are other good reasons for applying a well thought through brand architecture model too, such as longer term business strategies where a potential selling off of a brand may happen, or it may be franchised in the future, or there is an uncertainty placed around the risks of a brand. All of these areas often need thought and understanding in order to protect or build for the future of success.

As a design agency who specialises in high performance brands, we have built intricate architecture strategies for the likes of Etisalat, Afriquia, Enoc, MEED, Sainsbury’s to name a few. So if you have any questions about your brand architecture, why not get in touch with a leading independent London and Dubai based agency who have a proven track record with effective architecture solutions.