Brand exploration

A creative approach to creating compelling brands..

The art of designing brands is both strategic and creative, requiring both left and right brain people. For us, brands should always be underpinned with customer understanding and clear strategic thinking, but with all the knowledge in the world, without great design you have nothing.

One of the most important aspects to Garden is our creative team, not only are we fortunate to have attracted some of the best creatives in the industry, but we also foster a creative spirit, a creative family of design anoraks, technology geeks and passionate and inspiring creative explorers. It’s because of this that we have defined and created some of the worlds most powerful brands.

When working on the creative phase of a project, we create vast amounts of work, most of which never makes the final cut, but always help define the final result – always compelling, always ground breaking, a challenging, always beautiful. We are Garden, one of London’s leading branding agencies.