Brand strategy & planning

Be clear about who you are and where you are going.

To create effective and influential brands for today’s markets we have devised tools and techniques to help define a company’s image, so that it is not only closely aligned to their own ethos, but also keeps within their customers’ expectations, whilst creating real differentiation for their brand.

We use findings from a research phase to help us create an effective strategy. The tools we use help us express the brand’s soul with clarity, define its key differentiators and even provide techniques to allow corporate strategy to adapt and change in order to create more effective business methods.

Over the years, our brand strategies have helped shape not only our clients, but have influenced whole industries. Take the work we did for Etisalat or Mobily, creating a compelling strategy for telecoms in the Middle East that didn’t follow the norm has allowed them to be better align to their customers, building a formidable reputation often mimicked by others.