Brand Creation

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The term brand or branding has received a lot of misplaced explanations and understandings over the years - often becoming confused with visual or corporate identity - but at Garden branding agency, we know that it is much more.

For us, the term ‘brand’ involves the understanding of everything; organisation, product and service. It’s every way in which employees and customers think, feel and interact with the brand.

Our brand agency looks at interior spaces, sales staff attitudes, how people answer the phone, ‘on hold’ music, user experience, internal communications, staff culture, forms, packaging and point of sale materials - whether large or small, contrived or even rumoured, every detail is an inescapable aspect of a brand.

Our London branding company has worked with countless businesses to create and implement their unique brand. Designing everything from pencils to principals, Garden brand agency looks far beyond the thin exterior.

In the past we have worked with the likes of Sainsbury's, EurotunnelEtisalat, Techno Park and Pronto - working on everything from creation down to implementation - to produce smart, exciting and functioning brands.