Garden are a creative brand agency whose core is built on strategic thinking, but with a relentless passion for extraordinary creative results. All of our projects are based on knowledge and we never do anything unless we are fully aware of what is at the core of our clients, how their market behaves, who their competitors are and what their customers respond to.

One of the key deliveries of nearly all the work we do is a brand identity, which in essence is one of the most challenging aspects of a brand: logo, colour palettes, fonts etc. We know the power and role that these relatively simple aspects play, being the first visual flag and symbol of what a company stands for.

In a world of snowballing brand growth, it is becoming even more important to create visual identities that don’t follow the norm but that actually memorably stand out whilst still being relevant and appropriate. This skill is rare - highlighted by the fact that many branding agencies take the easy option: mimicry as opposed to leadership.

Take a look at our design agency identity creation case studies; Avanti, Etisalat and One hundred