Living brands

For far too long, many branding consultancies have gotten away with selling weak brand strategies unaligned to either their customer need or consumer expectation. The simple reason for this is driving profitability and lack of understanding of brands and how they work. Often replacing solid brand foundations with a ‘purpose’ that is simply seeking an agreed higher position than that of profitability, and then trying to drive that through to conclusion, nearly always ignoring how this can be precisely converted for success.

We still believe in purpose, but we don’t sell it as a differentiation of our, or our customers service offer, this is like saying because the steering wheel of a car steers the car, that the rest are less important, and throwing a brick on the brake is all additionally need. To us, it is a final chemistry or ingredient balance that creates powerful, long lasting, and successful brands.

Simplified methodology

Simplified Methodology

Simplified theory

Simplified theory

We live brands so that brands can live.

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