Left brain v right brain thinking

The differences in how people think, pros and cons

A subject that is often discussed in the office is the difference between left and right brain thinkers, the difference between people who are great at maths and English, and people who are not – does this make them less important? I don’t think so, and here is why.

As a child I was terrible at maths and english, if I’m honest, things haven’t improved much, my english isn’t much better, but getting advise on dyslexia (who was it that made that word so hard to spell!) and how to handle this has helped immensely, like writing in capitals, using spell checkers, and the auto correct has been a god send. My maths to this day is terrible, but I get by.

That said, even from a very young age, I always had a pencil in my hand, and would be found for hours every day sketching away, after all, that was the one thing I ‘could’ do that was better than anyone else. From the age of 7 or 8 eight I was capable of drawing better than people years older than me, I was also intensely shy as a child, much more of an observer, than an entertainer – these things were the start to my life in branding.

The great thing about what I do for a living is its sole purpose is to understand people, what makes people do one thing over another, and drawing knowledge from this by bringing it back into simple logos, and design communications, simple things that build impulse to purchase. Yes as a company we do interior design and implementation, but to be honest, that is something I keep a wide birth from, that is why even though I have my own business, I simply keep to the things that I am good at – graphic design, human nature, brands.

So my point of this ramble is this – for all those young people out there who struggle like me with maths and english, and well, any academic studies, remember this, the world needs right brand thinkers, not to do maths of english, but to be good at understanding people, imaginative thinking and great design to colour the world.

We need more left brain thinkers please!